EAF Students Help Create National Green Restaurant Certification

EAF student research helped create a national standard for sustainable practices in restaurants. Congrats to all involved and to our partner Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition!

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Interview with Alex Prud’homme

We sat down with journalist Alex Prud’homme last week before his talk on hydrofracking to learn more of his personal story.  See his message to the student body below! (more…)

Alex Prud’homme on Hydrofracking: What everybody needs to know

On November 4, 2013, journalist Alex Prud’homme discussed his new book Hydrofracking: What Everybody Needs to Know at UChicago’s International House. The event was moderated by Phillip Drake, the Center for International Studies Lecturer in Environmental Studies.  Prud’homme began his presentation by talking about the polarized nature of public opinion on hydrofracking and how people disagree even on the simple definition of hydrofracking. (more…)

Fracking: Filter Out Fact from Fiction

What is fracking fluid and how does it impact water supplies? Who regulates the industry? Will it reduce our energy costs or poison our water supply? Will it cause earthquakes or bring thousands of jobs to economically depressed areas? What does the evidence show? (more…)

Event Recap – Fractured: A Public Discussion on Fracking and the Environment

“Fractured: A Public Discussion on Fracking and the Environment” featured four specialists, albeit from different fields, who shared their experiences and perspectives on hydraulic fracturing. The panel discussion occurred at the Field Museum on October 12 and included the following distinguished members: (more…)

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