Take the Pledge to Go Veg: VegWeek 2015

by Eva Kinnebrew

Eating meat and other animal products is a part of our culture. Most of us grew up
eating meat and, throughout our lives, have been surrounded by animal products
(for example: hot dogs at baseball games, cartons of milk in school lunches, late-
night ice cream, and pepperoni pizza). Given that animal products are so prevalent
in our culture, we often don’t think to question their impact. It’s easy to push these
questions to the back of our minds – especially when these habits are so deeply
ingrained in us. (more…)

EAF students featured by UChicago News for Sports Sustainability work!

The University News Office reports on the Environment, Agriculture and Food Working Group’s Sustainable Chicago Sports Project. Follow the Sustainable Chicago Sports Project on social media at #greenchisports and look for signs on the CTA this April! Stay tuned for more events and announcements related to the project.

Sustainable Sports Practicum Presentations: March 10

EAF seeking new student members for Spring 2015

The Environment, Agriculture and Food (EAF) working group is looking for student members starting on or near March 1 and continuing through the end of Spring Quarter. Students will contribute research to EAF’s Sustainable Chicago Sports Project, in partnership with the Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition, City of Chicago and several of Chicago’s professional sports facilities and teams. Students will engage in research, data collection and analysis and a social media fan engagement campaign in advance of participation at the Annual Summit of the Green Sports Alliance in June 2015.  The positions are open to all years and all majors. Familiarity with environmental issues and policies, as well as sports is helpful. Students participating in the EAF group are eligible to enroll in ENST 29701 for credit in the Spring Quarter.

For more on EAF, visit http://eaf.uchicago.edu

For more on the Sustainable Chicago Sports Project, please visit http://greenchisports.uchicago.edu

Please send a statement of interest and resume to sabina@uchicago.edu

EAF at the Green Sports Alliance Summit

EAF Director Sabina Shaikh will be joining partners from the Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition, City of Chicago, Soldier Field and others at the Green Sports Alliance this Summer in Chicago to talk about the Sustainable Chicago Sports Project!

EAF Offers New Practicum For Autumn And Winter Quarters

EAF coordinator, Sabina Shaikh will be teaching a two-quarter practicum in the upcoming academic year during the Autumn and Winter quarters. The course is intended for Environmental Studies and Public Policy majors and minors and will acquaint students with real-world policy-making questions as well as satisfy the policy studies practicum requirement.

See the description below for more details about the course listing and for examples of EAF’s past work as part of the Green Restaurant Research Team.


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