EAF’s Summer around the World!

EAF members are off for a fun and exciting summer. Learn more about it here!


Andrea Clinton

This summer, I will be spending about 6 weeks in an environmental planning internship with a small non-profit in the Detroit area, where I grew up. For most of July and part of August I will be in China teaching at two Model United Nations programs.

Caitlin Piccirillo-Stosser

This summer, I will be traveling back to my hometown of Ossining, NY. I am planning to have a relaxing summer before college becomes busier and more difficult in the fall. I will be working at a Swim and Tennis Club, where I will work as “Desk Girl,” checking in members and making necessary phone calls. I can’t wait to spend time with my family and friends, and I am looking forward to rejoining the EAF team in the fall!

Chuan Yin

I will spend the first two months of my summer on campus doing research on energy policy at the Harris School of Public Policy. I will also participate in research at the Booth School of Business and with the Astrophysics Department, and hope to spend my free time sailing. I will then travel to China for the remainder of my summer.

Claire Pieper

This summer I will be traveling to Bangkok, Thailand to work at a tech start-up.  With a team of interns, I will conduct market research and help promote new products to various demographics within the city and country.  I will be working there for nearly the entire summer and am very much looking forward to immersing myself in a new culture and taking on a huge adventure.

Claire Wild

This summer I’m heading home to New Hampshire, where I’m going to be helping with a citizen science study by hiking a mountain very early in the morning and counting high elevation songbirds by identifying their songs.

Eva Kinnebrew

This summer I will be interning at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. My research looks at the possibility of using grazing cattle as a means to conserve coastal grasslands. At the end of September I will head to Australia for a fall internship studying the acoustics of splendid fairy-wrens.

Eric Chien

This summer I will be working at Kabouter, an alternative investments fund here in Chicago.

Gustavo Sanchez

This summer, and for the foreseeable future, I am going to working for a public opinion research firm called EMC research as a Research Analyst. Come mid-June I will be moving to Oakland, CA. As an analyst with EMC research, I am going to be designing questionnaires and analyzing results for non-profit, governmental and political clients.

Katherine Knight

This summer I am going to be interning in Istanbul with the Hisar Anatolian Support Society, an economic development nonprofit.  HADD works to empower young Turkish women who were forced to immigrate from rural villages, providing them with professional and vocational skills.

Querida Qiu

This summer I will be working at Deutsche Bank in New York on their foreign exchange structuring and rates trading desks. After that I may go back home to Beijing, and will likely start my BA research.

Vivian Tu

This summer, I will be working in Midtown Manhattan on the Equities Cash Trading desk at JP Morgan in their Sales and Trading division. I hope to explore the city on the weekends and watch as many Broadway musicals as possible. I am especially looking forward to eating from the Halal Guys food cart and attending a New York Yankees baseball game.

Sabina Shaikh

This summer I will be presenting our research at the Green Sports Alliance Summit at McCormick Place continuing to work with our partners to further green sports initiatives in Chicago. I will also be working with our NSF team on research to evaluate the impacts of ecosystem change on livelihoods in the Mekong-Tonle Sap region of Cambodia. And most importantly, I’ll be taking my 1.5 year old daughter to her first summer camp!


Sustainable Food: A Reality at The Plant

Sustainable Food: A Reality at The Plant, by Andrea Clinton

As part of the Frizzell Family Speaker and Learning Series at the University of Chicago, students had the opportunity to take a tour of The Plant, a 93,500 square foot building in the Back of the Yards/New City neighborhood of Chicago. The Plant formerly served as a pork packing facility, and is now a vertical farm and business incubator. Bubbly Dynamics, LLC, a company that “exists to acquire and repurpose undervalued industrial buildings in the city of Chicago” acquired the building for the Plant in 2010, and has been renovating the space ever since. The building was owned and operated by Peer Foods until 2006, when it became too difficult and costly to keep it up to code. It was expected that the building would be gutted and demolished, but it is Bubbly Dynamics’ mission to reuse as much of the building as possible – in fact, they estimate that 80% of the existing structure can and will be reused.

This project’s mission is to “show that sustainable food production can happen inside of an existing, undervalued property.” It was inspired by the success of another Bubbly Dynamics’ project, the Chicago Sustainable Manufacturing System, another repurposed building located in Chicago’s Stockyards Industrial Corridor.

The Plant’s business incubator is currently home to numerous tenants, including but not limited to Arize Kombucha, Greens and Gills, Patchwork Farms, the Great American Cheese Collection, Pleasant House Bakery and Farms, as well as Plant Chicago – the non-profit organization that leads the educational programming at Plant, including all tours. Their goal is to teach the surrounding community, as well as the public at large, that local, sustainable food production, waste and urban space reuse, and energy creation and conservation are all possible in the City of Chicago.

Image Copyright by Matt Bergstrom

By creating a system of “closed loops”, where waste is minimized or eliminated, the Plant will soon be a net zero in terms of energy use and input. The diagram above demonstrates the various cycles employed in the facility. All waste either ends up being used in another part of the facility, or is converted into energy in the anaerobic digester (pictured below).