EAF at the Green Sports Alliance Summit

EAF Director Sabina Shaikh will be joining partners from the Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition, City of Chicago, Soldier Field and others at the Green Sports Alliance this Summer in Chicago to talk about the Sustainable Chicago Sports Project!

Sustainable Chicago Sports Project Presentations

Booth FEAD Fall Forum: Feeding the World: How do we prepare to feed 9 billion people by 2050 without overwhelming

Buy tickets now for the Booth FEAD Fall Forum featuring speakers from Cargill, FarmedHere, BluWrap, the Food Banking Network and Verlasso. Networking reception to follow.

2014 FEAD Fall Forum
November 17, 2014
Downtown Chicago
Gleacher Center, 600
450 N Cityfront Plaza Dr


Creating Green Sports Venues: OSU’s “Zero Waste” Initiative

Sam Zacher

In a world with an increasing population, expanding built spaces and ever-present environmental challenges, creating sustainably sporting venues is a natural first step to tackle waste reduction.

In 2012, Americans produced 251 million tons of garbage—over four pounds of trash per person per day—while recycling just 34.5% of it.1 During the same year, nearly 49 million people attended National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) football games.2 Since eating and drinking is part of any sporting event, the large crowds contribute to significant solid waste generation, which presents an economic and environmental problem for many colleges and universities.

To address this concern, colleges and universities across the United States are implementing waste reduction programs. One particularly ambitious effort is the Ohio State University’s “zero waste” initiative at Ohio Stadium. Zero waste doesn’t mean literally avoiding all trash disposal; this specific program’s nuanced goal is to divert 90% of potential waste away from landfills through recycling and composting. Ohio State achieved this by first coordinating with vendors to eliminate products like plastic trays, which can’t be recycled when food is stuck to them, and replacing them with fiber-based, compostable products. It also stationed volunteers throughout the stadium , along with instructional signage to promote recycling and composting. (more…)

EAF Offers New Practicum For Autumn And Winter Quarters

EAF coordinator, Sabina Shaikh will be teaching a two-quarter practicum in the upcoming academic year during the Autumn and Winter quarters. The course is intended for Environmental Studies and Public Policy majors and minors and will acquaint students with real-world policy-making questions as well as satisfy the policy studies practicum requirement.

See the description below for more details about the course listing and for examples of EAF’s past work as part of the Green Restaurant Research Team.


EAF Intern Anissa Khan blogs about “Property Rights, Markets and Freedom”

Property Rights, Markets and Freedom, by Anissa Khan


The annual “Property Rights, Markets, and Freedom” student colloquium is hosted by the Property and Environment Research Center (PERC) located in Bozeman, Montana. This colloquium allows a diverse set of 25 students to explore and discuss a variety of topics related to free market environmentalism. Anissa Khan is an economics student at Miami University. She is a summer EAF intern working for Dr. Sabina Shaikh on projects related to stormwater management and the Mekong River. She attended the PERC conference to get a broader perspective on how to deal with environmental issues using the free market. (more…)

EAF welcomes Anissa Khan

EAF is pleased to welcome Anissa Khan for the summer to study ecosystem services related to water management.

Anissa Khan is an undergraduate economics student at Miami University. She is originally from Kansas, the state with half of a city, but loves to travel the world. Her favorite place is Iceland. Along with traveling, she loves photography. As an aspiring economist, she is excited about her opportunity to work alongside Dr. Sabina Shaikh for the summer. She hopes to make it back to UChicago as a future graduate student.



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